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E-Commerce Multi-Vendor Market Place Script

Are you interested in making your own multi-vendor Ecommerce marketplace platform? If yes, then we have all the answers you need.

What is B2B open-source multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace script?

Multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace is a platform that enables you to expand your business globally. You can sell and buy your products online. Now manage and keep a check on your online marketplace with just one click. In addition, increase your reach by making your products visible to millions of customers online.

How to start your own marketplace?

Follow the steps below, and we will help you customise an open source market script.

  1. Step 1: Contact us through phone, email or Skype
  2. Step 2: Tell us about the customizations you prefer
  3. Step 3: Before set up, make 60% payment
  4. Step 4: Now, take your time and test your server
  5. Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the server, make full payment

Highlited Features

ACL (Access Control Layer)

Your multi-vendor marketplace, as the name suggests is open to all; sellers, buyers, staff etc. The question arises with regard to ‘access’ of multi-vendor platforms. Nevertheless, we have it covered for you. You can create as many roles for different people of your marketplace portal. You have the right to limit the role of every person. Your SEO staff can get more access than a seller can; it is all up to you.

Staff Manager

As an owner of a B2B E-commerce marketplace, you must require internal staff. We have made this requirement very simple for you. Select your staff and assign them their roles from backend. Every staff member gets their own dashboard too. Therefore, the progress is doubled with your staff at work.

Vendor Specific Url

Imagine multiple vendors visiting your store, how will they manage with a similar seller page for all? Nevertheless, we have your back. Vendors will be allotted a separate page based on their brand name. Along with the page, each vendor gets their own specific URL. This helps double your promotion and buyers can shop directly!

Remmitence/Commision Manager

Every ecommerce multi-vendor platform deducts money on purchases. The money is sent to a portal, where only commission is deducted. So, how do you plan to manage this? Well, you do not need to. There is a remittance tab available on your dashboard. It gives all the details from deduction to the amount receivable.

Google Feed Manager

Multi-vendor E-commerce platforms are based on good promotional tactics. And what better mode to promote your products than Google? By our google merchant feed feature, you can create merchant feed and upload on google. You can even be specific with regard to what products you want to display.  

Multiple Payment Options

Every customer is different. The more user friendly your marketplace is, the more customers you will attract. Thus, we provide very comfortable payment options - ranging from all card options to cash on delivery. Thus, your customers will feel empowered about the payment style!

Multiple Shipping Options

Is your multi-vendor marketplace platform still new? Well, thinking of setting up a delivery service must be frightening. Yet, it is still an integral part in setting up multi-vendor platform. To simplify your experience our system has an integrated network of delivery with Indian shipping services. Moreover, it delivers all across India!

Multiple themes and Colours

Nothing attracts clients more than a website with good pop of colors and proper themes. We have a range of layouts and designs. We use the BOOTSTRAP-4. There are two themes for you to choose from, and then you can customise it with your choice of colours. You website will represent you, make sure it raises the bar. Speed Optimized and Set Enabled
If you are looking for a fast and reliable host to your e-commerce multi-vendor website, we are it. We have measured our performance on GOOGLE and GTMETRIX, and have coded it in a way to work faster. In addition, our e-commerce website is ranked on google. This enables our web pages to be SEO friendly.

CSRF and Capcha Secure

Cyber-crimes and hacking are skyrocketing these days. Why choose a multi-seller marketplace that compromises on security? We have all the security provisions to protect your data from manipulation or Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). In addition, our every submission is secured with captcha. Our advanced security features help us stay a step ahead than any hacker.  

Vendor Specific Shipping location

Customers get attracted to your marketplace because of different vendors. Moreover, they prefer dealing with the vendors. Hence, when the customer purchases through a vendor and places an order he would expect a delivery from the vendor. Thus, we add individual vendor information on each shipping, which enables us to centrally track or monitor order all over the country as well.  

OTP/SMS Notifications

The goal is to make your e-commerce multi-vendor platform as user friendly as possible. When placing an order the key requirements include an SMS confirmation. So we have made sure your customer’s experience is at par. Customers will receive an OTP for verification of the order and regular SMS updates on current order status.

Admin Feature

The admin dashboard is an all equipped feature. This one panel is the key to all your personal actions. This dashboard is your one-stop for managing all your website’s actions. You are free to use it from mobile or computer. So what all can you do here?
  • Order management
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Product inventory management
  • Sales
  • Customer data collection
  • Discount coupons
We make sure your experience is comfortable from start to the end and you attract more customers with every sale. Features like an invoice order printing make sure that your sale is secure. You can label for your packages and even bill your customers, this on the other protects your from false customers. Your dashboard has all the variants in which you can display your website. You have a multiple themes, colors and styles to choose from. This gives you an opportunity to present your Marketplace Platform in a unique and attractive manner. Your Admin Dashboard is equipped all important details, one of these main features include ‘payment options’. This must be without fail your most important concern. So, we have enabled payment methods of all kinds. You can enable either cash on delivery or credit card options or both! The choice is completely your to make. You never have to worry about your selling commission or what amount you might have to send back. Your dashboard acts like your remittance manager. It produces invoices for every sale after reducing marketplace cost. And much more! The experience enhances with increase in your usage. Therefore, every benefit arising in your E-commerce multi seller platform is a part of this dashboard. It has been highly secured with CSRF protection system. You no more need to worry about unwanted data attacks and SQL injections.  You can initiate and make any change; it is all yours to take charge.

Responsive Website

You Matter, We Respond  Our website is very user friendly. We make sure that our site is open to all the user responses. You can open our site in browser, be it mobile or computer. There are various features that are required to make a user friendly website a success. Fortunately our Multi-Vendor Marketplace consists all of them. They include
  • Friendly marketing strategies like, newsletter and coupons
  • Sorting our products with filters
  • Online payments can be done with credit card
  • Simple cart management
  • Selection of products based color and size
  • Checkout from single page; simpler the better
  • Each customer has their dashboard, including all previous orders
  • Written themes of BOOTSTRAP 4
  • Ajax feature for add to cart
We have been providing frontend of this site in premium themes by BOOTSTRAP-4. Frontend of any website must be very welcoming. You have to mention about the products and their delivery time. Being consistent will give a better impression of the client. We make sure you get the best possible service.

Save Time and Money

Features like guest check out play a very significant role. You show a form of invitation to your customers. This encourages them to be a permanent account holder. On the other hand, receiving OTP/SMS for order confirmation go a long way in saving money. This feature prevents all kinds of fraud portals. “Save time, money and gain profits like never before! Create multi-vendor marketplace platform with us today.”

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