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How to Purchase Online Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Script

If you are interested to make your own multi vendor Ecommerce marketplace platform then connect with us. We can customize this Open Source Marketplace Script according your requirement. Please follow these steps for proper b2b Multi Vendor ECommerce marketplace Script configuration:-

Step1:- Talk to us:- By Phone(+91-8146501814), By Email(, By Skype (phpjatin)
Step2:- Customization if Any
Step3:- Make 60% payment before set up on your server
Step4:- Test your marketplace on live server
Step5:- Make full payment after full setup.

B2b Open Source Multi Vendor ECommerce Marketplace Platform Script

Online B2b Multi vendor Marketplace is a platform that refers to sell and buy products online and help to expend your business globally. Marketplace helps you to manage your complete Online Ecommerce Marketplace easily and can expose their stuff to millions of customers online.

Features List

Open Source Multi Vendor Marketplace Script is a platform for you to build your own Ecommerce marketplace website.  It is the best & top leading online B2B multi vendor ecommerce marketplace platform Script in Php, Yii that helps to design a website for your trade market or online Open Source Marketplace. Our b2b multi vendor ecommerce marketplace script prices are affordable and It is a fully tested script with bug free release.

Online Multi Vendor Marketplace Script


Online Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform script is user friendly, here seller can add list of category according to the product or their needs and delete categories when not required. But the main Admin created categories will remain same as it is. You can even make new categories.

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform Script
Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Script


In this Multi Vendor Marketplace platform Script Module you can create, edit & delete your product’s brand or manufacturer name as per your requirements. You can also see the list of the Brands using this online b2b and b2c E commerce marketplace script.

Product Attributes

Same as the other option, you can create new Attributes for yourself and you can either use the previous (Admin) attributes in Ecommerce website builder script. Here is list of all the attributes accordingly.

Open Source Marketplace Script
Open Source Multi Vendor Ecommerce Script

Product Option

Using this online multi vendor marketplace Script in PHP or Yii you can edit your own made options as per your need & you can also delete them.But it will vary from seller-to-seller.

Product Management

You will be able to manage your products because it is very simple online b2b open source multi vendor marketplace script website. You can check how many and which products are there on the shop, so that after some time when there is lack of the same product or the product is need to be updated on Ecommerce multi vendor marketplace.You can upload the pictures of the product.You can edit, delete & take a review of the products those are displayed on Open Source Marketplace.

Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform Script
Open Source Marketplace Script

Order Management

Order management is the most important section for all online sellers. In Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform Script you will be able to see your products, orders which customer has placed with PHP Multi Vendor Platform. From this, section you will be going to manage the orders, delivery, shipping, and all things about products.

Profile Management

Best B2b and b2c Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website Builder Script also provides an vital section, because you will need to Login detail for set up your profile and if in any case, you forget username or password then your business can suffer. But using this online multi vendor marketplace script you can update your profile, change the password, or you can see the details of your own profile.

b2b Open Source Ecommerce Marketplace Script
Ecommerce Website Builder Script

Facebook Integration

Open Source Marketplace Script also offers Facebook integration feature. While you making account on e-shop, if you are  enable the Facebook integration in your account settings then your products on e-shop will automatically show on Facebook.


Admin Categories

Super Admin can create categories that can be used by Seller Dashboard, Seller no need to add un-necessary commmon categories, that Super admin has already created. Seller cannot edit or delete same categories.

Vendor-specific URL

Each Seller will have its own custom page , where sellers products willl be listed, this url can be promoted by Seller,so that user can ddireclty come to this page on Marketplace.

Product Review

Each product added by any Seller will be reviewed by Marketplace Admin and only be published Live , if it meets all terms and conditions.


Guest Checkout

Customers have the facility to buy product as Guest , no need to sign up, if they dont feel good to share their perosnal data.

Order Track

Customer cna track their order status by order token number provided after order placed.

Orders History

Registered users have the facility to review their order history.


Order Management

Seller can manage their order from their Dashboard, all palced order with their status can be checked on Seller Order Management Module.

Vendor-specific URL

Seller can promote his products by using Seller Page, where his all products will be listed.

Faceboook Promotions

Seller can promote his products on Facebook by linking his FB acount to Marketplace. During Product adding , he will be the option to Promote same product to FB.

Price :
$4000 $8000
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  • Customization as required
  • Free Maintenance 3 Month
  • Phone / Email Support

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