Install wordpress at your localhost

WordPress is a widely used CMS because of its simplicity and easy to use admin dashboard. Follow the basic steps to install it on your local machine:
– I am considering your lamp/wamp/xampp is already installed and running in your machine.
– Download latest version of your wordpress from and unzip it into wamp/www/wordpress folder, you can rename any name of your choice.
– Go to your phpmyadmin panel and create a database that you want to use for your wordpress install, say name it ‘wordpress’.
– Now come to your browser and open the folder where you have extracted wordpress zip, say your path is ‘http://localhost/wordpress’ , now a wordpress installation page will open and ask for some required fields, fill all required fileds.
but main filelds to be noted are
– Host – ‘localhost’
– Username – ‘root’
– Password – ” (empty)
-Database – ‘wordpress’

During installation, it will ask for admin username and password,keep remember that password. go ahead.

After press ok, wordpress will be installed on your local machine.
Site path : ‘http://localhost/wordpress’
Admin site path : ‘http://localhost/wordpress/wp-addmin’

Enjoy blogging…

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